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Siam Park is recognized as the best theme park in the world

27 June, 2022

Siam Park continues to make history, having just been recognized as the best amusement park in the world according to the important travel website TripAdvisor, by winning the Travellers’ Choice Awards once again. Since 2014, Siam Park has been the best water park in the world for eight consecutive years, but in 2022 it has gone one step further. In this edition of the award, the category has been amplified from being about water parks exclusively, to theme parks in general. This fact makes the recognition even more important, as the competition is much tougher, especially within the entertainment industry.

Siam Park has not only strengthened its position as a water park, but has now also become the number one amusement park in the world. Undoubtedly, a transcendental milestone in a trajectory of success. “This is an achievement that is the fruit of the hard work and dedication of all of us who are part of this company. Thanks to our staff members for achieving the satisfaction of our visitors, reflected in their smiles, which undoubtedly leads us to excellence,” says Siam Park president Christoph Kiessling.

Our visitors place us at the top of the list

The Travellers’ Choice Awards are given to the best experiences rated by visitors. Siam Park has been the highest rated company by its guests for 8 years in a row. It is no coincidence; the impressive attractions within a lush environment that transports its visitors to the exotic Thai villas generate a unique sensation.

TripAdvisor is the largest travel platform in the world, visited by the millions of tourists that the Island receives. Therefore, the consolidation of Siam Park in this portal is not only good news for it, but for the touristic sector in general, having such an important attraction, which enhances Tenerife as a destination.

This repeated recognition is undoubtedly the result of the constant innovation and reinvestment of the Loro Parque Company in all its projects. 2022 is a year that will be one to remember, as this excellent news coincides with the group’s 50th anniversary.

Siam Park is recognised as the best water park in Europe for the ninth consecutive year

1 December, 2020

Siam Park has once again won the distinction of best water park in Europe with the European Star Award! This is the ninth time that the leading publication and reference in the assessment of theme parks, Kirmes & Park Revue, has awarded this prize and Siam Park is the only park that has won every year since this award exists.

Two of the Park’s star attractions have also received great recognition. The spectacular Singha has won the award for the best attraction in Europe, reinforcing its leadership as a pioneering facility with an innovative water-powered design. In the year of its inauguration back in 2015, it was immediately recognised by the prestigious IAAPA as the Best New Attraction of the Year, as it is more than just a slide, it is a real water roller coaster with high-speed curves and 14 changes of direction in which you can reach 6 m/s uphill and up to 18 m/s downhill, guaranteeing a real adrenalin rush and fun. Fourth place in the same category went to Kinnaree.

This shows that this water theme park, also known as “Water Kingdom”, receives recognition for its attractions for both the older and younger members of the family, as it has won the most important award at European level within the entertainment industry.

This comes to join many other prestigious international distinctions, among them the TripAdvisor’s Travellers’s Choice Awards, which have recognized Siam Park as the Best Water park in the world for the seventh consecutive year. Among other, most recent achievements is the accreditation “Biosphere Certified – Parks”, which the Institute of Responsible Tourism has granted to Siam Park for four consecutive years to date.

To select the winners of this edition, the jury, made up of an independent team of experts, has distinguished those parks that have stood out, in an exceptional manner, for their achievements in areas such as innovation or entrepreneurship, especially valuing the prevention measures implemented to combat COVID-19. In this sense, Siam Park has the highest safety standards for both visitors and staff and has intensified the cleaning protocols in all areas.

Awaiting reopening

Since closing its doors on 15 March, Siam Park has continued to share content with its followers on social networks, inviting them to dream of a return to normality in which adrenaline, emotion and fun are the protagonists.

Some of its content has even reached more than 50 million people on its Facebook page, going around the world with unprecedented impact. This success, with results that continue to grow exponentially every day, reinforces the Park’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

Siam Park remains unrivaled: the Water Kingdom has been voted the best water park in the world for the seventh consecutive year

3 August, 2020

Siam Park has made history again! Once more, it has shown that it remains unrivalled among water parks, having received, for the seventh consecutive year, TripAdvisor’s Travellers’ Choice Award as the Best Water Park in the World. This recognition joins a long list of awards that recognize the success of Siam Park’s management based on a perfect combination of quality, innovation and excellence.

Among these, the Plaque for Merit in Tourism to the public-private collaboration for the modernisation of the Mature Destinations, a prestigious Award of the Council of Ministers of the Government of Spain that was presented to Siam Park by the President of the Government of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, in 2016. Furthermore, the European Star Award, which Siam Park received in 2019 for the eighth consecutive year as the “Best Water Park in Europe”, a distinction awarded by the leading magazine and reference in the assessment of theme parks, Kirmes & Park Revue. As such, no other travel destination in Europe counts with such a representation of world-class parks of attractions as the Canary Islands.

Awaiting the Reopening

Since closing its doors on March 15, 2020 due to the health crisis caused by the COVID-19, Siam Park has continued to share content with its followers on social networks, inviting them to dream of a return to normality in which adrenaline, excitement and fun are the protagonists. On one occasion, it has even reached over 50 million people on its Facebook page with a viral video of its famous Singha attraction, which has gone around the world and had an unprecedented impact. This success, with results that continue to grow exponentially every day, reinforces the Park’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

Adrenaline and Fun for the Entire Family

In addition to its spectacular attractions, the beauty of this park is, in itself, an incomparable attraction, and nothing compares to being able to enjoy unique attractions in the world, in an unprecedented venture in an environment of lush vegetation and Thai design and decoration. Visitors can experience first-hand the sensations that Tower of Power and its 28-meter-high slide produce; Singha, and many other impressive state-of-the-art attractions without which a holiday in Tenerife would be incomplete.

For those who are looking for relaxation in an exclusive atmosphere, Siam Park offers Siam Beach, the beach with the heavenly artificial waves in the Canary Islands, where the incredible waves of The Wave Palace break. Siam Park, located in Adeje, Tenerife, is a place where good weather and fun are guaranteed all year round, therefore, being an absolute “must” for any visitor to the Canary Islands.

Among the latest innovations at Siam Park is Patong Rapids, which beats by far the already incredible Mekong Rapids. It is even faster and runs through 235 meters of length with a zone of complete darkness, making you experience a unique sensation of speed and adrenaline. In addition, the little ones can enjoy Coco Beach, a new children’s area to live great adventures in the company of their family. In addition, they can play around a great fountain and a dry jungle area with bridges, towers, obstacles and nets on Bodhi Trail.

More information about the award:

Siam Park is recognised as Water Park of the Year

19 September, 2019

This week, Siam Park has received the Park World Excellence Award for Water Park of the Year for the second consecutive time. Thus, the ‘Water Kingdom’ continues to celebrate after having also been named the World’s Best Water Park by the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for the sixth consecutive year and Best Water Park in Europe in the European Star Awards, in this case, for the eighth time.

This second edition of the awards was held in Paris and was once again a success in enabling Europe’s best operators, suppliers, manufacturers and entertainment specialists not only to run for awards, but also to nominate other leading companies for recognition.

Siam Park has won for the second consecutive year for continuing to be rated as the best according to visitors, for the quality and comfort of its facilities, its world-class theming and the events held this year.

Since its inauguration 11 years ago, the excellence of the facilities, technological complexity and environmental commitment have been the key elements for its international positioning and the various awards it has received during this time.

Siam Park has been recognised as the Best Water Park in Europe for the eighth consecutive year

17 September, 2019

After being recognised for the sixth consecutive year as the Best Water Park in the World, Siam Park has once again been awarded the distinction of Best Water Park in Europe. This is the eighth time that Kirmes & Park Revue, the leading publication and reference point in the evaluation of theme parks, has awarded it this prize.

The ceremony, organised by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Entertainment (IAAPA), took place in Paris, within the framework of the European amusement fair Euro Attractions Show 2019, which is being held right now in the French capital.

In addition, three of the Park’s star attractions have also received top recognition: the mega-toboggan-ride Kinnaree has won the prize for Europe’s second best attraction, fourth place in the same category went to the spectacular Singha, a pioneering water roller-coaster with an innovative water propulsion design, and sixth place went to the Tower of Power, a fast slide that starts from a height of 28 metres where riders reach a speed of 80 km/h.

But that’s not all, two Siam Park attractions have also been recognised in the category of best family attractions: in second place, the fun Jungle Snake and, in seventh, Sawasdee, a special children’s area that includes the best points of the grown-ups’ attractions, adapted to the size of the younger members of the family. This demonstrates that this water kingdom is recognised for its attractions for both the older and younger members of the family, having won the most important European award in the entertainment industry.

To select the winners of this edition, the jury, formed by an independent team of experts, has distinguished those parks that have exceptionally excelled for their achievements in areas such as innovation or entrepreneurship.

Siam Park wins ‘Best Water Park in Europe’ award

27 June, 2019

Siam Park, recognised as the world’s best water park for five consecutive years by TripAdvisor, continues to reap successes. Travelcircus, a prestigious German web platform specialising in premium travel experiences, has recently awarded Siam Park their prestigious ‘Best Water Park in Europe’ award.

There are now more than 200 Water Parks across Europe and last year the number of their visitors grew by up to 14 per cent. Travelcircus has carefully examined the 50 most popular Water Parks from a total of 21 European countries and evaluated them according to 10 criteria: seasonality (number of months the park is open); dimensions (area of the water park in m²); fun in the water (number of slides and attractions in total); fun for children (number of slides for children); adrenaline factor (number of extreme slides); theming (design of the park); cost (entry price); demand (Google search volume); Instagram contributions and TripAdvisor ratings.

Finally, after a methodical analysis, Travelcircus determined that the best Water Park in Europe is Siam Park. The large area of the park with 185,000m² of pure fun is underlined and, since its inauguration in 2008, it has always offered great entertainment for both young and old. The web platform points out that it’s no wonder that Siam Park is recognised as the best water park, both in Europe and the world, because almost no other offers such an impressive design, highlighting its Thai style, or so many exciting attractions as Siam Park. Other highlights include the park’s wide range of attractions, with more than 20 slides open to the public; the impressive 28-metre high Tower of Power that passes through a shark pool at the end; and the beach with the world’s tallest artificial waves that reach 3.8 metres in height.

On the verge of celebrating its eleventh anniversary, Siam Park maintains its position as a leader in the sector thanks to its excellent service, its magnificent facilities, its responsibility towards the environment, its technological advances, the plurality of awards received and, most importantly, the large number of positive comments from its visitors.

Siam Park is celebrating – five-times World Champion in TripAdvisor

24 July, 2018

As its tenth anniversary commemoration is just around the corner, and after a long history of recognition, Siam Park has made history again by pulling off an unprecedented achievement. For the fifth consecutive year, TripAdvisor has awarded them the Travellers’ Choice Award for the Best Waterpark in the World thanks to the positive feedback from visitors, demonstrating that the success of its management lies in a perfect balance of quality, innovation and excellence. In fact, this combination has put it in a dominant position: Not only is it the only park to have won this award so many times in a row, but it’s also the only one to have received it since TripAdvisor inaugurated the ‘waterparks’ category five years ago.

The Loro Parque Company, to which this water attractions theme park belongs, has highlighted the special honour that this recognition represents, granted as it is by visitors to the Park and users of the TripAdvisor travel portal based on their independent opinions founded on their experiences.

Blanca Zayas, Communications Director at TripAdvisor Spain, affirmed “Siam Park has achieved what no other theme park in the world has achieved: to position itself as the best waterpark for the fifth consecutive year in the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards, an honour that gives us a great reason for pride here in Spain. She added that “positioning itself as number one for so many years in a row is a quality seal recognised by users around the world and will undoubtedly open more doors to both national and international tourism”.

Adrenaline-pumping, fun-filled novelties

The news, received with great joy, comes in the middle of the presentation and opening of two new attractions. Patong Rapids is a new Siam Park challenge that breaks with all the moulds, surpassing the already incredible Mekong Rapids. It runs over a 235 metre course and includes an area of complete darkness. With a capacity of 1,200 people per hour, it minimises waiting time to enable Park visitors to enjoy its incredible switchback curves to the limit, and includes impressive disc floats that allow you to experience a unique feeling of speed and adrenaline. Coco Beach is a new children’s playground that will allow youngsters to experience great adventures with their families. You will be able to enjoy new and incredible sensations in the new over 1,000 m2 wave pool, suitable for the younger members of the house, simulating the famous ruins of Angkor Wat. These new attractions, along with other surprises that are yet to come, will offer visitors adrenaline and fun in equal parts, and will attract audiences of all ages, expanding an offer that its users have distinguished as the best in the world.

Commitment to the environment

Siam Park rigorously follows a totally environmentally friendly philosophy, employing the latest technological developments in every detail. Thus, the water that feeds the Park is part of a closed circuit that begins at sea, and the CO2=0 formula is applied, which means that local products are mainly used in the restaurants and cafeterias, thus minimising the carbon footprint associated with the transport of imported products. This commitment to the environment has earned Siam Park the Biosphere Park certificate from the UNESCO-linked Institute for Responsible Tourism (ITR), which accredits their responsibility towards the environment, in addition to the ISO 14000, ISO 9000 and EMAS certificates.

TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards

30 June, 2016


Siam Park celebrates a new awarded Travellers’ Choice 2016 Award which is presented to the park by Trip Advisor, a prestigious travel web portal, for the third consecutive year, as one of the best water parks in the world. The event was held at the most paradisiacal beach in the Canary Islands, Siam Beach and was presided by the President of Loro Parque and Siam Park, Wolfgang Kiessling; and the Vice President, Christoph Kiessling. Among the authorities in attendance were the Vice Counsellor of Tourism of the Canarian Government, Cristóbal de la Rosa, the Counsellor of Tourism of Tenerife’s Island Council, Alberto Bernabé, and the mayor of Adeje, José Miguel Rodríguez Fraga. Many representatives of the tourism sector of the Canary Islands as well as a large group of journalists from major national and international media also attended the event.

Blanca Zayas, Director of Communication of TripAdvisor in Spain, presented the award to the Vice President of the Park, Christoph Kiessling, who said with emotion that it is a “an honor to Siam Park to receive the Travellers’ Choice Award of TripAdvisor for the third consecutive year – a recognition that is the result of teamwork”. In this regard, he expressed his satisfaction that “dedication to service and love for detail are recognised by visitors from around the world; we are extremely grateful and this award will encourage us to continue working with effort and enthusiasm for excellence every day”.

Meanwhile, Wolfgang Kiessling also expressed his joy having received this distinction, which consolidates park’s leadership: Although I promised myself not to mention the word ‘pride’, the truth is that I feel very proud. This recognition is part of everyone and we are moving toward a truly strong and prestigious company thanks to the island of Tenerife”. In his speech, he also stressed that 98% of jobs are occupied by Canarians.

The Vice Counsellour of Tourism of the Canary Government stressed the importance to win this meaningful recognition from TripAdvisor for the third time in a row. He also highlighted the huge impact Siam Park has for tourism in Tenerife and the Canary Islands overall.

As a representative of the Council of Tenerife, Alberto Bernabé stressed that Siam Park is a true enjoyment for its visitors. That is the reason why tourists come back and others are curious to come to Tenerife. This experience ensures the visitors return home fully satisfied. “This sense of satisfaction is key of our common labour.” In addition, he confirms the excellence has become the trademark of the whole Loro Parque family. The mayor of Adeje congratulated, in his speech, the entire team of Siam Park and highlighted the huge effort and involvement of the Kiessling family in the community, by generating jobs in Adeje and its surrounding areas. About 200 people who attended the event enjoyed a lively cocktail where they could converse about the new gran achievement at Siam Park.

Best New Waterpark Attraction of 2015

24 November, 2015

Siam Park, the number one water park in the world, according to TripAdvisor, and Proslide Technology Inc. jointly celebrate this week the prestigious recognition of Singha as the Best New Product / Water Park Attraction of the year awarded by International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. This achievement was announced during the 2015 IAAPA Conference and Trade Show held in Orlando, Florida.


True to its commitment to constant innovation, Siam Park launches this year a brand new, state-of-the-art attraction, Singha that offers unique and incomparable aquatic experience to the visitors from all over the world. A truly revolutionary hybrid ride, Singha is a three-person float slide that is more than 240 meters long, includes 14 changes of direction and ensures an adrenaline rush by enabling an unprecedented speed of 6 meters per second going uphill and 18 meters per second going downhill that guarantees an authentic rush of adrenaline and emotion.


This outstanding attraction was created in Siam Park by ProSlide Technology Inc., a recognized world leader in water rides and inventor of the new generation hybrid rides. ProSlide holds numerous awards for the industry leadership that speak to the superior ride performance of their impactful attractions. A powerful water propulsion system was specially designed for this attraction offers an unprecedented speed for water parks so that the visitors can enjoy an absolutely unique and incomparable experience.


TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Award 2015

20 August, 2015


Loro Parque company celebrates that for the second year running the group’s theme parks are considered to be among the best in the world and continue to achieve success, now with the prestigious recognition of the largest travel website, Tripadvisor, considering Loro Parque the Nº 1 Zoo in Europe and 2º best in the world. On the other hand, Siam Park received the award as best Water Park worldwide. This distinction was announced in the third edition of the Travellers’ Choice Awards, created by TripAdvisor honouring the opinions and recommendations regarding the best sights and attractions in the world according to travellers’ themselves.

A total of 533 winners were awarded. A Top 25 world ranking was established in which attractions and places of interest from all over the globe were taking into account, including the best theme parks of Asia, Canada, China, Europe, India, South America, the Pacific and the US. On this occasion, Siam Park repeats as Nº1 in the world for the second year in a row and Loro Parque, which was considered to be the third best zoo in the world in 2014, has gone up one position and is considered to be the second best zoo in the world in 2015 after the historical zoo of San Diego.

This year Loro Parque and Siam Park have also received individual “Certificates of Excellence”, an award given only to the places that have achieved excellent ratings by travellers in the past 12 months. Having achieved these certificates during the past five years running, both Loro Parque and Siam Park have been included in the Hall of Fame.

TripAdvisor is the largest travel website in the world, founded 15 years ago and currently operating in over 45 countries and in 28 different languages. Each month the website is checked by 340 million travellers and shares more than 225 million opinions and comments (139 comments each minute). The Travellers Choice Awards are determined based on the quality and quantity of positive comments and opinions expressed by travellers about the attractions in each destination.