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Dare to Discover Saifa at Siam Nights

8 April, 2024

Are you ready to take on the heights, speed, and wild twists of Saifa… at night? Siam Night transforms at sunset, offering a new way to experience vertigo and adrenaline with special lighting that turns your adventure into something completely unique. Saifa, the impressive new addition to Siam Park, is designed as a double slide starting from an astonishing height of 82 meters, delivering action and speed enthusiasts through an intense experience that will max out their adrenaline. The two slides, starting side by side, feature a breathtaking course that includes 360-degree turns, uphill sections, and crossings, making it the longest ride in the water park at 306 meters. This experience becomes even more thrilling during Siam Night.

Named Saifa, which means “lightning” in Thai, this new attraction at Siam Park lives up to its name with top speeds, maximum adrenaline, and thrilling excitement. Saifa reaches amazing speeds of 10 meters per second, ending with a segment where the two slides run parallel but in opposite directions—a peak moment of adrenaline and excitement.

This incredible offer is complemented by the rest of the attractions in the Kingdom of Water, and during the warm night hours of Siam Night, it turns into a party with DJ music, cold fire special effects, alluring lighting, and a youthful, festive atmosphere that takes over.

Siam Night offers its guests a unique experience and the best night-time fun in Tenerife, with all the ingredients to make your night unforgettable.

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Tenerife nights burst with excitement at Siam Night

8 April, 2023

Siam Park, the Kingdom of Water, is the epicenter of weekend nighttime fun in Tenerife, hosting one of the most anticipated events of the Tenerife summer.

This spectacular venue has been recognized for the ninth time as the best theme park and water park in the world, Best of the Best by Trip Advisor. This distinction is even more significant as it is based directly on the opinions of visitors who have enjoyed the park.

From eight in the evening, as the sun sets, until midnight, Siam Park transforms into a completely different place. The warm Canarian night temperatures, fascinating lighting, and festive atmosphere turn the fun into something unique. The attractions transform and take on another dimension and adrenaline reaches new levels at Siam Night: special effects, light cannons, cold fire, and the best music in the most beachy and fun party of the Canarian nights.

Light and water for an unforgettable experience

But the Siam Night experience in Tenerife goes further. The special effects add to the nighttime spectacle, turning the party into a constant surprise for its visitors, in a combination of light and color unique in the world that will leave no one indifferent.

Siam Night at Siam Park: the best nighttime plan in the Canary Islands at the world’s best water park.

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Siam Night returns to Siam Park

28 June, 2022

Summer has just begun and Siam Park is getting ready to start its long-awaited Siam Nights, nights of authentic fun under the moon during the months of July and August. It will start on 1st July, every Friday and Saturday from 20:00 to 00:00 hours.

Siam Night is a place where adrenaline and relax come together. Visitors will enjoy live music, while experiencing incredible emotions in our attractions. All this in a unique environment. An illuminated Thai village, accompanied by the privileged climate offered by the Tenerife night.

Siam Night has proven to be a success in its previous editions, thanks to an attractive and very refreshing proposal that has made tens of thousands of young people and entire families enjoy it in a unique way. Unbeatable attractions, the best chill out rhythms provided by a DJ, buffet on the white sandy beach and the best summer atmosphere make every visit unforgettable.

Thanks to this initiative, Siam Park enriches the tourist attraction of the Islands by enhancing the complementary offer and demonstrating how tourist facilities improve the competitiveness of a destination. Opened in 2008, this Water Kingdom has been named best theme park in the world by Tripadvisor. Throughout its history, it has won numerous awards thanks to its commitment to innovation and excellence, the hallmark of the Loro Parque Company.

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Siam Night Lights Up the Evenings at the World’s Best Theme Park

8 April, 2022

Siam Park, recognized for nine consecutive years as the world’s best amusement park by TripAdvisor, is known for always doing things big: with the highest quality, utmost safety, and, of course, the most spectacular displays possible.

This recognition is invaluable because it represents the most important aspect: the opinion of its visitors, who leave their reviews on the world’s largest travel platform.

At night, the spectacle has a name: Siam Night

During the day, the impressive water park offers fun-seekers an experience where adrenaline surges through all its incredible slides. But it’s at night when the environment becomes even more evocative, with lighting effects, cold fire, and illuminated stages that wrap the attractions of Siam Night, making them fascinating, magical, and even more thrilling.

Starting at eight in the evening, the fun transforms into something different. Siam Night is both a celebration and an exhilaration. The DJs’ music provides the entertainment of the best beach party, while the warm Canarian night adds a magical touch to the evening.

Siam Night has become a sure bet for fun thanks to its incredible attractions and for offering a unique space for summer nights in Tenerife.

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Siam Park is recognised as Water Park of the Year

19 September, 2019

This week, Siam Park has received the Park World Excellence Award for Water Park of the Year for the second consecutive time. Thus, the ‘Water Kingdom’ continues to celebrate after having also been named the World’s Best Water Park by the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award for the sixth consecutive year and Best Water Park in Europe in the European Star Awards, in this case, for the eighth time.

This second edition of the awards was held in Paris and was once again a success in enabling Europe’s best operators, suppliers, manufacturers and entertainment specialists not only to run for awards, but also to nominate other leading companies for recognition.

Siam Park has won for the second consecutive year for continuing to be rated as the best according to visitors, for the quality and comfort of its facilities, its world-class theming and the events held this year.

Since its inauguration 11 years ago, the excellence of the facilities, technological complexity and environmental commitment have been the key elements for its international positioning and the various awards it has received during this time.

Magic nights return this summer in Siam Park

26 June, 2018

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As summer kicks off, Siam Park is getting ready to start its long-awaited ‘Siam Nights’ – evenings of real fun under the full moon during the months of July and August. It begins next Friday, June 29th, and will then take place every Friday and Saturday from 8pm until midnight.

Siam Nights’ has proved to be a success in previous editions thanks to an attractive and very refreshing proposal that has made tens of thousands of young people and entire families enjoy, in a most unique way, the unbeatable attractions, the best ‘chill out’ rhythms provided by a DJ, a buffet on the white sand beach and the best summer atmosphere.

Under the stars, the most daring can try the spectacular experience of Singha, the fastest and most impressive roller coaster ride on the planet. With a course of more than 240 metres and 14 changes of direction, it’s a pioneering attraction, never before seen in other water parks. You also won’t want to miss the Tower of Power, which is 28 metres high and has an almost vertical slope that gives the sensation of a free fall.

In addition, there will be time for relaxation and the family on Siam Beach, the most paradisiacal beach in the Canary Islands, which has the largest artificial wave in the world; or in a slow tropical ride on the Mai Thai River, which crosses the heart of the Park and gently lifts you to a height of eight metres, where you can enjoy the most beautiful views of the Park’s waterfalls, lush gardens and a spectacular aquarium.

Through this initiative, Siam Park enriches the Islands’ tourist appeal by enhancing the complementary offer and demonstrating how tourist facilities can improve the competitiveness of a destination. Inaugurated in 2008, this ‘Water Kingdom’ has been named the best water park in the world by TripAdvisor for four consecutive years and, throughout its history, has been awarded numerous distinctions for its commitment to innovation and excellence – the hallmark of the Loro Parque Company.

Siam Park celebrates its 9th anniversary in all its glory

15 September, 2017

The Ultimate Summer Party

“The Ultimate Summer Party” is what is called the great party that is being organized at Siam Park to celebrate nine years of fun offered by the No. 1 Water Park in the World to its visitors since its opening in 2008. The celebration will take place on Friday, September 15, starting at 8:00 p.m.

This party will be a great golden medal  for the closing of the magnificent season experienced this year in the second edition of Siam Night, with more than 25,000 participants since its beginning past July.

Visitors, the true protagonists

Without them, without the more than 7 million people who have visited us since our inauguration and without all the followers and repeaters who join us year after year sharing their experiences through our social networks, we wouldn’t have become what we are today, the number one Water Park in the World, thanks to the “Travelers’ Choice Award” awarded by TripAdvisor, which we received for the fourth year in a row.

Siam Night says goodbye until next summer with a very special event in which all the attendants with their usual entrance can have fun as never before: Live music by the DJ’s 2-Robles and Le Canarien, welcome cocktail, special offers on drinks and many more surprises.

All this, in addition to the impressive attractions, lush vegetation and mysticism of the ancient Siam Kingdom that is recreated in the Park, will be the keys to make visitors feel like real stars.

Innovation and trajectory

But we don’t stop. We want to continue growing and innovating to offer the best leisure option on the Canary Islands. The inauguration of a new exclusive area this year proves that we take these values seriously: The Champagne Club is meant for those who are looking for a haven of peace and relaxation between attraction and attraction, a place where you can enjoy fantastic Balinese beds with magnificent views, a bottle of champagne and many other premium services.

There are also many international achievements and awards that we have gathered along the years and continue to be maintained thanks to the excellence of our facilities, the technological complexity and the environmental commitment of the Park; such as the European Star Award, awarded by the prestigious German theme park magazine Kirmes & Parks Revue to the “Best Water Theme Park in Europe”, which we receive year after year since 2012 or the award for “The Best European Water Slide” to our attraction Singha in 2015 and 2016, considered the most revolutionary “water coaster” in the world.

We thank all our visitors and promise to continue to meet their expectations in the coming years.

Siam Park Dunkerbeck Challenge – Media Coverage

17 August, 2015

El pasado domingo congregamos a más de mil espectadores para disfrutar de una de las mejores exhibiciones internacionales de Saltos de Windsurf, nunca vista anteriormente. Gracias al apoyo de BjörnDunkerbeck y de su marca DunkerbeckEyeWear, como patrocinador principal, se pudieron dar cita los mejores windsurfistas del mundo, sólo un día después de finalizar el evento del Mundial de Windsurf Tenerife-El Médano 2014.

Los profesionales del windsurf fueron impulsados por una moto de agua, la cual hacía la fuerza necesaria para sustituir al viento, para así llegar a la ola y volar para poder desarrollar las diferentes acrobacias. Esta idea fue creada por Daniel Bruch, organizador del evento en Siam Park y Mundial de Windsurf, y David Rodal Santiago Vilayta, único conductor de motos de agua capacitado para tal ejercicio.

Los mejores saltos de esta competición fueron realizados por el venezolano Ricardo Campello, el inglés Robby Swift y el alemán Leon Jamaer, que en este orden se hicieron acreedores al reconocimiento de los especialistas y los aficionados asistentes.