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Tenerife nights burst with excitement at Siam Night

8 April, 2023

Siam Park, the Kingdom of Water, is the epicenter of weekend nighttime fun in Tenerife, hosting one of the most anticipated events of the Tenerife summer.

This spectacular venue has been recognized for the ninth time as the best theme park and water park in the world, Best of the Best by Trip Advisor. This distinction is even more significant as it is based directly on the opinions of visitors who have enjoyed the park.

From eight in the evening, as the sun sets, until midnight, Siam Park transforms into a completely different place. The warm Canarian night temperatures, fascinating lighting, and festive atmosphere turn the fun into something unique. The attractions transform and take on another dimension and adrenaline reaches new levels at Siam Night: special effects, light cannons, cold fire, and the best music in the most beachy and fun party of the Canarian nights.

Light and water for an unforgettable experience

But the Siam Night experience in Tenerife goes further. The special effects add to the nighttime spectacle, turning the party into a constant surprise for its visitors, in a combination of light and color unique in the world that will leave no one indifferent.

Siam Night at Siam Park: the best nighttime plan in the Canary Islands at the world’s best water park.

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