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Dare to Discover Saifa at Siam Nights

8 April, 2024

Are you ready to take on the heights, speed, and wild twists of Saifa… at night? Siam Night transforms at sunset, offering a new way to experience vertigo and adrenaline with special lighting that turns your adventure into something completely unique. Saifa, the impressive new addition to Siam Park, is designed as a double slide starting from an astonishing height of 82 meters, delivering action and speed enthusiasts through an intense experience that will max out their adrenaline. The two slides, starting side by side, feature a breathtaking course that includes 360-degree turns, uphill sections, and crossings, making it the longest ride in the water park at 306 meters. This experience becomes even more thrilling during Siam Night.

Named Saifa, which means “lightning” in Thai, this new attraction at Siam Park lives up to its name with top speeds, maximum adrenaline, and thrilling excitement. Saifa reaches amazing speeds of 10 meters per second, ending with a segment where the two slides run parallel but in opposite directions—a peak moment of adrenaline and excitement.

This incredible offer is complemented by the rest of the attractions in the Kingdom of Water, and during the warm night hours of Siam Night, it turns into a party with DJ music, cold fire special effects, alluring lighting, and a youthful, festive atmosphere that takes over.

Siam Night offers its guests a unique experience and the best night-time fun in Tenerife, with all the ingredients to make your night unforgettable.

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