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Siam Park Receives the Applause Award 2024 in Las Vegas

6 March, 2024
From left to right: Sascha Czibulka, Chris Herschend, Andreas Andersen, Chistoph Kiessling, Cybell Kiessling, Amanda Thomson, Tina Resch

Considered the “Oscar” of the amusement park industry awards, it recognizes the excellence of the exceptional water park in Tenerife.

Siam Park, the water park located on the island of Tenerife, has just been honored with the prestigious Applause Award 2024, considered as “the Oscar” within the global amusement park industry. This great recognition was awarded on Sunday, March 3rd, at a ceremony held at the Venetian Resort in Las Vegas during a gala where IAAPA also presented its annual awards. This is the first time that the IAAPA Honors and the Applause Award have come together this year to celebrate excellence and innovation in the entertainment park sector.

“We are very excited that the Applause Award joins the IAAPA Honors presentation. The idea of this new event is to celebrate excellence in the global attractions industry, but also to emphasize what each of the attendees can learn from the award winners to improve their own business,” says Jakob Wahl, CEO and president of IAAPA.

The Applause Award is an international accolade given by Liseberg, a large theme park in Gothenburg, Sweden, awarded biennially to the amusement park that “has inspired the industry with its insight, originality, and strong business development through its management, operations, and creative achievements,” explains Andreas Veilstrup Andersen, president and CEO of the Liseberg Group and chairman of the Applause Award Board. The award, which began in 1980 with the recognition of Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, has recognized the best in this industry around the world every two years. A cast in which Siam Park now enters with all honors, thanks to the quality and innovation features that make the Water Kingdom the highest-rated water park on the planet. A Recognition of Excellence

This award adds to the long list of accolades for Siam Park, which in 2024 received for the ninth time the recognition as the Traveller’s Best of The Best from Trip Advisor’s customers, the largest travel portal on the planet. In addition, it has been awarded twelve times with the European Star Award for the Best Water Park in Europe and with 3 editions of the Park World Excellence Award.

Chistoph Kiessling, vice president of the Loro Parque Group, pointed out the importance of this achievement:

“For us, this award is very special because it comes from our own sector and values the enormous effort we maintain in Siam Park, to constantly innovate, with the highest quality standards, always in search of excellence.”

The vice president also wanted to highlight the value of the human team of Siam Park “that makes it possible to offer clients a perfect experience, in every sense, on each visit”.

The award, designed by the Swedish sculptor Astri Taube, consists of a bronze statue of two hands clapping, in a perfect recreation of applause for success. This award is of great relevance as it represents recognition made by the amusement park industry itself, applying the highest standards of demand in all areas of evaluation and honors a park whose management, operations, and creative achievements have inspired the industry with foresight, originality, and solid business development.

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