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19 July, 2015

Siam Park, named best water park in the world by TripAdvisor, surprises once again with its new and spectacular attraction Singha. It consists of a slide with in line floats for three people propelled by water that reaches 6 metres per second going up and 18 metres per second going down. Such speed is unprecedented in water parks.

More than 240 metres of length and 14 changes of direction make Singha a pioneer attraction that will ensure an adrenaline rush never before experienced.
Because of its respectful commitment towards its surroundings, the attraction Singha has been adapted to the geography and topography of the land, being enclosed by the fabulous vegetation which characterizes Siam Parks thematic.

For its construction, which included a massive movement of ground, there were needed many hours of study, effort and dedication of more than 70 specialists, who participated in the design, construction and in the really unique assembly.

Singha receives its name in honor of the lion Rajasi, the king of the mythic beasts who, according to the Thai legend, lives in the Himmapan forest and presents itself as a magnificent creature with majestic wings among flames. As well as in Rajasi also in Singha the magnificence and power is present.

Thanks to the Canadian engineering by the company Proslide a powerful water propulsion system was specially designed for this attraction which offers unprecedented speed, visitors can live with every ride an absolutely unique and unprecedented experience in which each adventurer will experience sensations previously unknown. This propulsion system includes a belt that transports the floats back up to the entrance of the attraction in order make the way up easier and quicker for the visitants.

The experience starts on a float for 3 people in line which travels hidden tunnels, curves which are formed by discs of eight metres each (the new flying sources) and, thanks to the original system vibrating changes of height whose rises reach six metres per second granting fun without limits like this. Allowing visitors to experience a brand new emotion when it comes to water attractions, it presents breathtaking tunnels and fascinating curves. Due to this and the respectful commitment towards the environment, Singha will become –without a doubt – a phenomenal attraction meeting 2015 world standards.

The energetic changes of direction and height make the slide a surprise from the beginning to the end, making the visitant live feelings close to the ones of a bobsled pilot. Twenty different previously unknown feelings are combined in only one attraction, which is described by professionals as a combination of the characteristics of a high speed rollercoaster and the fun of a big water slide.