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Siam Night Lights Up the Evenings at the World’s Best Theme Park

8 April, 2022

Siam Park, recognized for nine consecutive years as the world’s best amusement park by TripAdvisor, is known for always doing things big: with the highest quality, utmost safety, and, of course, the most spectacular displays possible.

This recognition is invaluable because it represents the most important aspect: the opinion of its visitors, who leave their reviews on the world’s largest travel platform.

At night, the spectacle has a name: Siam Night

During the day, the impressive water park offers fun-seekers an experience where adrenaline surges through all its incredible slides. But it’s at night when the environment becomes even more evocative, with lighting effects, cold fire, and illuminated stages that wrap the attractions of Siam Night, making them fascinating, magical, and even more thrilling.

Starting at eight in the evening, the fun transforms into something different. Siam Night is both a celebration and an exhilaration. The DJs’ music provides the entertainment of the best beach party, while the warm Canarian night adds a magical touch to the evening.

Siam Night has become a sure bet for fun thanks to its incredible attractions and for offering a unique space for summer nights in Tenerife.

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