Playa Abierta

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No han sido cuatro semanas de parada, sino solo tres. Hoy hemos vuelto a abrir la playa y las grandes olas vuelven a acariciar a los visitantes. Las labores de mantenimiento se han realizado en tiempo récord para que la playa mantenga siempre la más alta calidad.

Volvemos a estar al máximo.

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  1. Chris Farren Says:

    My family visited Siam Park in January 2010 and the beach was closed for maintenance and repairs. We visited again on 16-03-10 paying over €100 for the family. Again the beach was not available. On leaving the park that evening we were told by a staff member that a reduced price ticket could be bought on production of our receipts the next time we visited which we did Sat 20-03-10
    Of course this was untrue and 11 of us including 5 children were told we could not enter without paying the full entrance fee.
    Why would we keep our original tickets unless we were told to do so.
    Both the Manager and PR Manager were unwilling or unable to arrange a special rate for us.
    This seems a very bad PR exercise because as we waited outside 2 other large groups who were given the same information as us on their previous visit,also left.
    The instruction on the bottom of the 2 Visit sheet does not make sense in English and should be changed.
    All in all a very unhappy visit and the children were looking forward to going again in September/October when we return.
    Chris Farren

  2. DANI Says:

    ¿Playa abierta? ¿Significa que puedo ir con mi tabla a surfear? ¿Hay horarios o días determinados? ¿Y precios? ¿Que es con la entrada al parque?

  3. Siam Park Says:

    La piscina de olas puede alquilarse:

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