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Siam Park continues surprising its visitors this summer and opens its new private villa in which groups of up to 15 people can enjoy the water kingdom in a unique and exclusive way. This spacious villa with Jacuzzi is a microenvironment within the park and has been designed with meticulous taste and style for special events like birthdays, bachelor parties, business meetings or family gatherings.

Its equiped with hammocks, mini bar, solarium, bathroom with private shower, TV and DVD, safe and floats; as well as a fabulous view of the park and Adeje, landscapes that make the visit to the water kingdom unforgettable. Moreover, those who choose this space for a special day will also enjoy a fast pass for almost all attractions, food in all its restaurants and drinks throughout the whole day.

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  1. Darren Wilkes Says:


    Can you please tell me how much it will cost to rent this villa for the day. We are in Tenerife from the 5th-11th October and there are 14 of us.

    Kind Regards,


  2. Siam Park Says:

    @Darren: Renting the Villa cost 1500 euros. That includes the tickets to the park, fast-pass for the slides, free service in bars & restaurants and all the luxus of the Villa.

  3. Tracey Pheby Says:

    Is the villa free at all between 28th-31st Dec for 11 people to rent. Would the price be the same, 1500€? Please advise if full payment is required to reserve?

  4. Siam Park Says:

    @Tracey: 1500€ is the fixed price to rent the VIP Villa during one day, doesn’t matter how many people use it. To know if the VIP Villa is avaliable a certain day you have to make a call to this number: +34 822 070 000.

    Hope you will spend a great New Year’s Eve at Tenerife! 🙂

  5. Kerry Eames Says:

    Hi, can you please tell me exactly which alcoholic drinks are included in the VIP villa as some websites say wine is and some say it isn’t? Also can we use ALL the restaurants in the park? Also is the fast pass unlimited use? Thankyou, Kerry

  6. Siam Park Says:

    @Kerry: The alcoholic drinks included in the VIP Villa are beer and wine. All restaurants in the park are included: Beach Bar, Beach Club, Thai House and Thai Bar. The Fast-Pass is unlimited in all slides but the Tower of Power (only once).

  7. Kerry Eames Says:

    Hi, thanks for your reply. Can you tell me if a VIP villa is available from the 31st July to 3rd Aug 2012 (any of those days, just for 1 day). Also how much is it and do we need to book it through yourselves because I notice there is no villa option in your ticket prices? Thanks again, Kerry.

  8. Siam Park Says:

    @Kerry: Please call (+34 822 070 000) to check availability and book the VIP Villa. The VIP Villa ist 800€ for 8 persons, the VIP Cabañas are 400€ for 4 persons. You can add extra persons for 99€ each.

  9. Shelly Says:

    We are 4 adults and 3 children of 12,6,5 years old. I understand the cabanas are for 4 so do you have 2 directly next to each other available at the end of the month and what do they cost (think the villa might be too big).

  10. Siam Park Says:

    @Shelly: The VIP Villa can be rented for a minimum of 800€ allowing 8 persons inside. I think is a better deal than two VIP Cabanas. Please call (+34 822 070 000) to check availability and do the booking.

  11. Emma Says:

    I am looking to book a villa (6 adults and 1 child) on Fri 19th Oct. Can you please advice if there is a villa available and the cost for hire.

  12. Siam Park Says:

    @Emma: Please call the number +34 822 070 000 to check availability and reserv the Villa for one day.

  13. Kathy Says:

    Is there any difference between the cabana and the villa except the size?

  14. Siam Park Says:

    @Kathy: The cabana holds up to 15 persons and has a private jacuzzi.

  15. Julie Says:

    Hi if 8 adults but we will have a 1 year old with us so will it be 800€ still?

    We are there for our 30th wedding anniversary and my 50th birthday on 25th September 2013

  16. Siam Park Says:

    @Julie: If you are gonna be 8 persons, I can recomend you rent the private VIP Villa instead of two cabañas. The Villa can be rented for a minimum of 800€ allowing 8 persons inside. I think is a better deal than two VIP Cabañas. Please call (+34 822 070 000) to check availability and do the booking.

  17. Julie Says:

    Is there an email address to check availability?

  18. Siam Park Says:

    @Julie: The only way of checking availability and performing a booking is calling the number +34 822 070 000.

  19. Fleur Says:

    I want to rent a VIP Cabana or Villa. How much will it cast for us? We’re 5 adults and 2 kids (4 and 6 years old). What is the cheapest option?

  20. Siam Park Says:

    @Fleur: The VIP cabaña cost 400€ and provides “VIP tickets” to 4 persons. Extra VIP tickets can be bought for 100€ each. VIP tickets include the entrance to the park, unlimited fast pass in all slides, all inclusive in bars & restaurants, towels and locker. Childrens may not need VIP tickets so they could use the children ticket, each 22€.

    The total would be 400€ + 100€ + 22€ + 22€ = 544€.

    Another option would be renting the VIP Villa for 800€ for 8 people. Then you would enjoy 8 VIP tickets and the luxury of the Villa. 😉

    To book the Villa or Cabaña, please call to +34 822 070 000 so you can find a day which is unbooked.

  21. alex Says:

    Would you allow for more than 15 people in the villa? If so how many people is maximum, and how much extra per person would it be? Thank you.

  22. Siam Park Says:

    @Alex: The maximum capacity of the VIP Villa is 15 people. Usually 8 persons book the Villa for 800€ and each extra person cost 100€ reaching the 1500€ price. What you can do is book extra VIP cabanas at the price of 400€ for 4 persons to have enough places for the whole group. Please call the +34 822 070 000 to check availability.

  23. Angela Says:

    I would like to book a cabana for 4 adults and 2 children aged 11 – can you tell me if there is any availability 1-15th August 2014 and how much this would cost ?

  24. Siam Park Says:

    @Angela: The cabaña cost 400€ for 4 persons. Every extra person cost 75€ for a maximum of 6 persons in total. That includes the tickets to the Park, the Fast-pass for all the slides but not the Tower of Power and all inclusive in restaurants & bars. The cabana includes 4 sunbeds, a shower on the terrace, towels, fan, sofa, TV and a minibar with refreshments, beer and snacks.

  25. Cathy Says:

    Looking to book cabana or villa for 8 people but only 6 people would need unlimited fast pass. What would the best way to do this?

  26. Siam Park Says:

    @Cathy: The VIP Villa can hold a minimum of 8 people and a maximum of 15 people. It cost 100€ per person. People renting the VIP cabana get a VIP ticket that includes the entrance to the park, Fast-pass in all slides but Tower of Power, locker, towel and all inclusive in bars & restaurants and the luxuries included in the VIP Villa.

    The VIP cabanas are similar but con hold only 4 people.

  27. Michelle Says:

    Hi I was wondering the cost of the VIP villa for 8 people in July 2015 . It is for a 50th birthday celebration , and what is included in the price . How do we book it pls ?

  28. Diego Cerdan Puyol Says:

    The VIP Villa includes:

    *) Entrance to Siam Park
    *) Fast Pass for all attractions but not Tower of Power
    *) All inclusive (food and drinks) in Beach Bar, Beach Club, Thai House and Thai Bar. Not included liquors, coctails and sweets (but free icecreams 🙂
    *) Minibar with softdrinks, water and beers
    *) Jacuzzi
    *) Private toilet with shower

    The price is 800€ for a maximum of 8 persons. Each extra person after 8 cost 100€.

    For more information and reservation please contact our Public Relations Department:

    Telephone: +34 822 070 000 – Ext.: 422

    We hope you can rock that 50th birthday! 🙂

  29. Stacey Says:

    Hello, we are looking to book a vip area any day from the 27th to the 30th April 2015, there is 10 of us, what would be the best option and do we need to book and pay in full in advance? many thanks stacey.

  30. Siam Park Says:

    @Stacey: Booking the VIP Villa for 10 of your would cost 1000€. That include park entrance, all inclusive in bars & restaurants, the VIP Villa enjoyments and unlimited fast pass in all attractions but Tower of Power. Please call +34 822 070 000 or write to book the Villa. You will need to pay an initial deposit.

  31. Craig Says:

    Hi I will visit with 4 adults an one 8 year old , can the 5 of us get the cabana? If so what’s the price?


  32. Siam Park Says:

    @Craig: The price would be 400€ for the VIP cabana + 100€ for the extra person.

  33. Paul Turner Says:

    Hi there,
    I have booked a vip cabana for 4 people for Tuesday 21st July 2015. Can I add another adult to join us on the day? Do I pay the extra in advance or can I pay on the day?

  34. Siam Park Says:

    @Paul: You can pay the 75€ extra on the day.

  35. gwyneth virgo Says:

    we are staying in tenerife from 24/7/15 for two weeks but there are 16 in our party including a 7 year old what are out options for a cabana,s or villa.
    thank you

  36. Siam Park Says:

    @Gwyneth: I can recommend you booking the VIP Villa. Please contact or call +34 822 070 000.

  37. 07968 818218 Says:

    Hi. How much would the villa be for 10 people? Looking at a date from the 15th August – 21st??

  38. Siam Park Says:

    @07968 818218: It would cost 1000€.

  39. Matt Says:

    Hi is it possible for 2 people to get a cabana and would the price be the same?

  40. Siam Park Says:

    @Matt: The cabana has a fixed price of 400€ and can host up to 4 people.

  41. Carly Says:

    Hello can you please advise the cost of a villa for 6 adults and 2 children, one aged 8 and the other 11 months. This is for May 2017 thank you

  42. Siam Park Says:

    @Carly: The VIP Villa cost a minimum of 800€ for a minimum of 8 people.

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