Maintenance – Wave Palace

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We are performing the yearly maintenance of the Wave Palace in order to maintain our quality standards. The pool will be closed to the public since February 17th for approximately 6 weeks. The rest of the slides will be open during that period.


4 Respuestas to “Maintenance – Wave Palace”

  1. Lisa Wilson Says:

    Can you please tell me if the Wave Palace is open yet?
    If it isn’t, can you confirm when it will be please? We are travelling to Tenerife today.

    Thank you

  2. Siam Park Says:

    @Lisa: The Wave Palace is open.

  3. Robert Says:


    Can you tell me when the planned maintenance is for the wave palace in 2015. We are arriving on 8th February.



  4. Siam Park Says:

    @Robert: Right now there are still no maintenances planned for 2015. We also announce the coming maintenances in our website and/or blog.

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