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True to the park’s promise of ongoing innovation, Siam Park will open two new areas for the whole family this summer: Kinnaree and Sawasdee, in which a grand total of €2.5 million has been invested. With its unique offer among world theme parks, this Siam kingdom is definitely a state of the art water park.

Kinnaree is in the final stages of completion and when finished, this mega slide with a 200 meters long winding course will fuse 3 different experiences together, ensuring triple amusement, intensity and fun. The adrenaline from speed – launching from over 25 meters high – is only the beginning and prepares the visitor to experience the first of the surprises: a thrilling tantrum with a 45° tilt which will evoke the first gasps of excitement, before the tour continues through lush vegetation to slide rapidly into a huge tornado wave. Other surprises add up to these experiences to complete the most absolute sensation of fun.

27 Respuestas to “Kinnaree”

  1. Ashley Says:

    When will the new ride be open?

  2. Siam Park Says:

    @Ashley: We hope opening the rides the first days of July.

  3. Manu Says:

    I come to Tenerife from 30 june until 7 july. Will the new attractions be open on 6 july?

  4. Siam Park Says:

    @Manu: The new slides will open the 13th of July.

  5. Jack Says:

    I am in Tenerife from the 26th June – 11th July. What would be the best date to come to experience the new ride?

  6. Siam Park Says:

    @Jack: The new ride will open the 13th of July.

  7. Amy Says:

    Is this ride still due to open on the 13th of July?

  8. Siam Park Says:

    @Amy: Yes, it will open the 13th of July.

  9. Stuart Says:

    Can you specify the age restrictions for these new areas & rides?

  10. Siam Park Says:

    @Stuart: The slides are restricted by height as follows.

    Slow River: minimum height 1.10m. If smaller than 1.10m, the children must be with an adult
    Fast River: minimum height 1.10m
    Mekong Rapids: minimum height 1.10m
    Naga Racer: minimum height 1.10m
    Jungle Snake: minimum height 1.10 in 2 slides, 1.25m in 2 slides
    The Gigant: minimum height 1.25m
    The Dragon: minimum height 1.25m
    Kinnaree: minimum height 1.25m
    Vulcano: minimum height 1.25m
    Tower of Power: minimum height 1.40m
    Lost City: for little children
    Sawasdee: maximum height 1.25m

  11. Phil Says:

    Went on Kinnaree last week with family -AWESOME!!

  12. Ellie Says:

    I was wondering will the Kinnaree be open between the 24th November to the 1st December 2012.

  13. Siam Park Says:

    Yes, it will be open.

  14. Elaine Says:

    Hi, Can you tell me when you will be posting the video for this ride on the website? I love watching the videos.

  15. Siam Park Says:

    You can find all our videos in our Youtube Channel.

  16. Chloe Says:

    I was just wondering what dates the water park will be open between the 19th of December and the 28th of December ? what days do you close over Christmas?

  17. Roma Says:

    Does the lost city have a maximum age limit, or can say a 13 year old go on the lost city structure

  18. Siam Park Says:

    @Roma: Adults can go into the Lost City structure but only little children can slide down.

  19. Polgara Says:

    Buenos días,

    ¿Me podrías decir cual es el precio de los escarpines en las tiendas?


  20. Siam Park Says:

    @Polgara: El precio de los escarpines es de 7,90€.

  21. Julie Says:

    Can my 9 year old come down the slides unaccompanied?

  22. Siam Park Says:

    @Julie: Yes, he can come down the slides unaccompanied.

  23. Kirsty Says:

    Please can u tell me what the height and age for the new ride

  24. Siam Park Says:

    @Kirsty: The height requiered for Singha is 1.25 meters.

  25. Julie Says:

    My boys had a fab time, is there anywhere now we are home where we can buy a Siam park dragon?

  26. Hannah Says:

    Hi, Can this and other rides that seat 4 people be done with just two people or do couplus have to share tubes with two other people?

  27. Siam Park Says:

    @Hannah: Yo have to share the ride with another couple if there is a couple waiting.

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